Construction Methodology

A house is so much more than just four walls and a roof. If you want to make informed choices about the customisation of your future home or commercial building, then understanding the building process is the best research you can do in preparation.

Souqya has adopted construction procedure and broken it down into different steps. From laying the foundation to building walls and roofs and installing the essential utilities – all the way to building your home from the bottom up.


1. Setting Out

Accurate setting out is a fundamental part of construction works and errors can be very expensive and time consuming to correct.

Setting out is usually undertaken by Souqya after the site has been cleared of any debris or obstructions. Works necessary to create required levels also have completed before the layout process begins.


2. Foundation Works

Procedure for construction of foundation starts with decision on its depth, width and marking layout for excavation and centerline of foundation.

Constructing a house requires a number of technical procedures which is carried out by Souqya to ensure a strong building and long lasting house.


3. Plain Concrete

Plain concrete, most commonly used material is combined with water and then hardens in place after being poured.

Concrete is a material used to build a wide range of structures, ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings.


4. Reinforcement Concrete

Reinforced concrete in which steel is embedded in such a manner that the two materials act together in resisting forces.

The reinforcing steel—rods, bars, or mesh—absorbs the tensile, shear, and sometimes the compressive stresses in a concrete structure.


5. Brick Works

The construction of brickwork is carried out by Souqya in substructure and superstructure. This requires quality control on various aspects of material and construction procedure. We make sure that Bricks emit a clear ringing sound on being struck and they are free from cracks, chips, flaws and lumps of any kind.


6. Drainage System

Drainage is the method of removing surface or sub-surface water from a given area. Drainage systems include all of the piping within a private or public property that conveys sewage, rainwater, and other liquid waste to a point of disposal.

Souqya's main objective of a drainage system is to collect and remove waste matter systematically to maintain healthy conditions in a building.


7. Electrical and Cabling Works

Electrical and Cabling works are performed by Souqya during the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

This involves the installation, wiring, and testing of electrical equipment to ensure the safety, quality and dependability of the output.


8. Installation of Doors & Windows

installation of windows and internal/external doors is carried out for the new building.


9. Plaster, Painting, Flooring & Decore

Plastering is applied by Souqya as a finished surface over the masonry followed by painting, flooring and interior or exterior decore.

A Special requirement can also be maintained and arranged by SOUQYA as proposed or requested by SOUQYA client.